Zhan Zhuang and Martial ArtsZhan Zhuang literally translates to standing like trees. This is an ancient practice from China which is used to develop internal energy. It was used originally for developing the spirits and minds of martial artists, and has proven to be quite beneficial for general well-being and health of people. It’s also a terrific relaxation aid.

Let’s take a look at the 5 postures:

Wu Ji

Every class begins with this posture which has been designed to prepare your mind and body. The position is held as long as tension is there in your body. You must be able to do it for five minutes easily.

Holding the ball

This position needs to be practiced with a calm mind. This position needs to be held for five minutes which going through your mental checklist and looking for any tension in your body.

Holding your belly

Just imagine you have a huge belly for the exercise. Basically, you need to feel like you’re holding a huge belly. As practice continues with time and your endurance increases, you need to aim to hold the position for a longer period of time.

Standing in a stream

The most important thing for you to remember while holding this posture is to not let your shoulders be tense or get raised. Let all the tension release from your mind and hold this posture for at least five minutes initially and then increase it gradually with time.

Holding the ball in front of your face

This is the most challenging of the exercises. Remember to keep your back straight at all times. Don’t lean forward. It may be a little hard initially but remember, persistence will pay high dividends here. Once again, you should look to hold this position for five minutes.

So, now you have a reason to practice martial arts.