Ashihara is a website that is dedicated to the ancient practice of martial arts. If you thought that martial arts was all about fighting, then you are mistaken. This ancient practice will help you with several life threatening diseases, as you will learn in the various articles that have been posted on the site, as well as boost your morals and confidence.

There are a lot of benefits of learning martial arts and practicing it on a regular basis. As you will learn during the course of your time spent on this site, reading articles, you will come to know about the many benefits that martial arts can have on your mind and body.

You get to know about this ancient practice, people and religions who follow it, and some popular forms that are practiced all over the world. The origin story of this art is as fascinating as the art itself.

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Ashihara was founded with the objective of spreading awareness among the people about this amazing gift that our forefathers have left for the world. It is only appropriate that this tradition is continued and the future generations must be taught to do the same. Let’s make this a worldwide phenomenon.