The Many Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Starting a journey in martial arts as a young adult can have a number of benefits. Apart from being able to make you healthier and fitter, it can even instil a sense of achievement and confidence as you earn the various belts. Signing up for a class

Zhan Zhuang and Martial Arts

Zhan Zhuang literally translates to standing like trees. This is an ancient practice from China which is used to develop internal energy. It was used originally for developing the spirits and minds of martial artists, and has proven to be quite beneficial for general well-being and health

How Martial Arts can Help Your Sexual Health

There are a few startling similarities between yoga and Chinese martial arts. Both of the traditions have focused a lot on the lower abdominal region of your body. They were both developed for increasing lifespan, improving health, and attaining a state of bliss. Clinical studies have shown

What Defines the Effectiveness of a Self-Defense Technique?

It is very important for you to learn to think fast and decide on the best technique for handling attackers when it comes to self-defense. It’s one thing to be able to perform moves perfectly and it’s a totally different thing to be able to strike in

How Martial Arts Can Help Women

Martial arts are very similar to physical defense with sharp skills and hand movements. Both women and men who are a part of any form of martial arts training can benefit quite a bit. It includes active movements which at the time may hurt your body but

The Best Self-Defense Martial Arts Out There

Martial arts certainly represent a great spectator sport. So even if you don’t want to take them up personally, they can be great to watch from afar when performed by other athletes, too. The most interesting part about martial arts though is it can really come in

The Most Effective Areas to Attack During Self-Defense

Self-defense consists of a number of ready to perform moves. But the areas which you target with your moves could have a huge impact on the opponent. You should not treat it like Blackjack where you can hope for the best. These are dangerous situations, and you

Martial Arts Helps Improve Health and Mental Sharpness

There’s no denying the fact that martial arts are among the best mental and physical activities out there. Martial arts don’t need to be only physical but mental as well. It’s not just about throws, punches, and kicks. The mental part of this art can play a